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Shahrukh Malik

I live a life with dreams fulfilled, with rewards that are ample,
No regret do I face a day, with a life sweet and simple.

Who am I?


My experience has been that running a business is more rewarding (and also more demanding) than a job.


Passionate to bring a change, I love to get in touch with individuals and organisations looking to get advice and share my experiences.


Believing in the power of knowledge, I am never stopping my studies and learning something new every day.


Happily married to a matching partner, I consider myself one of the luckiest husbands in the world.
(P.S. The feeling's mutual)


Born to a pair of the greatest parents in the world, I am proud of my parents and grateful for their help through-out my life.


I have spent a fabulous life with my brother & nephew and hope to spend some more quality time in the future.

"Apart from the government's involvement for allowing blockchain in Pakistan, private organisations need to maximise the use of the technology to bring blockchain to the mainstream. The development sector could be on the forefront as they trickle down benefits directly to the grassroot, especially by coordinating efforts with the government and international donors that would be interested in the extra security, transparency and traceability blockchain brings to the table"
Shahrukh Malik
on Blockchain for the Grassroots in Pakistan

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James