Taking Flight


Being an unnatural thing for humans, flying has always fascinated us. We see birds flying here and there and imagine how the view must be and where they would be off to: how do they see the roads stretched wide, buildings stretched tall, cars driving around and people walking about.

For the common person, flying means sitting in a plane. We are in flight but also seated comfortably while being served luxurious drinks in a lush cabin. The only rush is felt during take-off when the pilot accelerates the plane on the runway and lifts off into the air with first-time passengers thinking of nothing but the most recent plane crash.

Statistically, one has a higher chance of death when going for a joy ride than an air flight, people are still more afraid of flying (at least, in my social circle). Yet everyone sees traveling by plane as a status symbol. Perhaps the rising ticket prices contribute to this perceived richness. If you look at it, a plane is nothing different from a bus for the passenger.

Even with these factors involved, flying fascinates us. For some, it’s outright scary – probably because they aren’t in control or think there is no chance of survival should something go wrong. For a few, it has become so natural they tend to see the notion less attractive. This, however, is because personal flying devices haven’t been commercialized yet. One has to carry one’s weight on the feet or the bottom when moving from one point on Earth to another (anti-gravity space flights not included).

Let’s look forward to such technological advancements that would enable the future obese nations to obtain flight and be relieved from staying on their feet all the times. Maybe they’ll be able to more easily experience what birds see when they are about to launch ‘something’ at us.

Up, up and away!

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